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Our Environmental Policy

As ELATEK, it will be a part of our job to take all necessary measures to minimize negative effects on the environment in all phases of production and design of rubber compounds, rubber hoses, rubber profiles, rubber-metal mix parts, rubber gaskets, blowmolded and thermoformed plastic parts, cold forming, assembly and design of metal pipes.

For this, our commitments are;

  • To maintain an Environmental Management System that is adopted, implemented, audited, reviewed and continuously improved by all our employees,
  • To meet the relevant legal requirements necessary to carry out our production and other activities and compliance obligations determined by the relevant parties,
  • To evaluate risks and opportunities in all our processes and activities, taking into account internal and external issues,
  • To continue our work by taking into account the needs and expectations of the relevant parties,
  • To work while protecting the environment by considering the environmental effects in our project studies related to products and processes,
  • To use natural resources such as energy and water efficiently,
  • To ensure the continuity of the waste management system, to take measures to reduce the waste generated during our activities, to ensure the recycling or disposal of wastes if waste generation is unavoidable,
  • To take measures to minimize the effects on our employees and the environment in case of any accident or emergency that may occur in our operations,
  • To train all our employees in order to increase their environmental awareness and let them gain individual responsibility,
  • To monitor and control all kinds of activities that have a polluting effect on the environment within the scope of “Environmental Legislation”,
  • To develop our business partnership with our suppliers.