Engine Cooling Systems A cooling system is a system of parts and fluids that work together to control an engine's operating temperature for optimum performance. Products

Air Release Systems Air release systems are used for cooling and to reduce emissions and fuel consumption and increase power consistence. Products

Air Intake Systems It is an air circulation system designed to completely replace the vehicle's air box. It is designed to increase engine performance in terms of both power (HP) and torque (NM). The purpose of the air intake system is to provide clean, cool and dry air for the engine. Air Intake Hose is an essential component within the Air Intake System. This hose provides fresh filtered air to the combustion chamber.

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DPF Systems Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filtration system made of silicon carbide (SIC), coated with noble metal, designed to reduce emissions of Hydrocarbons (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), minimize soot release into the air and collecting particles from engine exhaust gases.

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SCR Systems The harmful nitric oxide excretion, which is the main problem in diesel engines, is greatly reduced by SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction technology) and converted into water vapor and nitrogen with the help of a urea solution called AdBlue®. Reducing particulate and nitric oxide excretion at the same time can only be achieved with the SCR method.

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Formed Injection Products These are rubber products shaped by molding method for various purposes, that have the functions of sealing, damping, support, positioning and protection. Products


Whole Process From Raw Material to Final Product is Under One Roof. 

Elatek, with its integrated facilities built on an area of 22.000 m², operates in the field of production and design of rubber compounds, rubber hoses, shaped rubber parts, blow molded and thermoformed plastic pipes, cold forming, assembly and design of metal pipes. It mainly serves as a Tier1 Supplier to the automotive main industry.

Our R&D Center

Elatek R&D Center is established to increase our design capability and create different product alternatives...


We have been continuing to add value to the sector as Elatek since 2002 on this path that we started as Üçyıldız Kauçuk in 1965.


As Elatek, we take all measures to minimize the negative effects on the environment in our entire process...

Not Once, Continuous Quality…

As Elatek, we continue on our way by adopting the philosophy of sustainable and continuous production.

Our Corporate Profile

Our Value Is Not Just Perfection.

  • Social Responsibility Awareness
  • Team Success
  • Solution Oriented
  • Customer Centricity
  • Flexibility and Dynamism
  • Transparency and Honesty
Elatek Family

Good ideas come out of happy working environments.

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